The next RIDE event is Early 2022 TBA
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RIDE at its heart is a community safety course aimed at delivering basic driver safety information across to the students BEFORE they start their L-plate journey. The target age group is 15-16 year olds, who haven't yet qualified for their L's (or for those who have only just received them)
Parents/ caregivers are requested to come along and sit in on the sessions, so they know what is being taught and what is expected by them (via their behaviour) in order to assist their teen in learning to drive.
It is held bi-monthly at the Perth Motorplex in Kwinana usually on a Sunday morning from 9-12.
The next course is likely to be early in 2022 please click here to register your interest and we will contact you when a date is announced.
The morning is broken up into three rotating groups.
  • Classroom learning
  • Car maintenance / safety 
  • LIVE driving experience (for many, their first)
Scattered amongst this are visits from  truck drivers and driving experts all who give some insight into the challenges on today's roads. Overall it’s a really relaxed and stress free environment where a great message is being delivered.
ALL people involved are volunteers, including ALL of Eclipse Driving School drivers who attend (often more than 10 drivers attend) and ALL Rotarians who also give up their time.
Attendees are charged $20 and we cap the attendance at 30-40, as we don’t want to too big a group, as it makes it too formal and stifles free-flowing questions.
To book click here or on the buttons above, any questions email Andrew
Truck Braking Demo
Police Braking Demo
Have your first drive either Manual and Auto vehicles (or both!)